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Marblehead Nationals 2017 – Results

This was a fantastic event. Not only did the wind blow straight down the lake for most of the three days, but the 48 boat entry, including 13 competitors from overseas, was of a very high standard. Many of the top boats and skippers from last year’s Marblehead World Championship at Lake Garda travelled to the exposed Lancashire coast to compete on probably the best lake in the world for more top-class radio racing. Racing started on Friday and allowed 18, three heat races to be sailed with two or three lap courses using the whole length of the 250 metre lake for the simple windward leeward courses.

An 6 to 14 mph wind greeted competitors allowing B or C rigs to be used and generating some spectacular downwind speeds, which gave some competitors a problem keeping up with these speed machines. The racing was dominated by Brad Gibson, who was […]

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Workshop 16th December 2013

GAMES 1 Now to be held at Guildford on 22nd February 2014 

Due to weed at Poole GAMES 1 will now be held at Guildford 

There was another very good turnout of 21 enthusiasts from 5 clubs and the feedback afterwards was that it was a really excellent and informative evening workshop.
CONSTRUCTION was the subject and Roger Stollery followed on from the previous DESIGN workshop, demonstrating how the shape of designs is created with an understanding of how they are to be made. There were examples of frameless hull shapes, made merely by joining specifically shaped panels together, like the SUPABUG design Footy. From that starting point of the most basic box section hulls there were curved shapes requiring more extensive shaping using temporary frames on which to construct the outer skin, or being sculpted out of solid wood or a series of ‘bread-and-butter’ planks of wood.
The examples on […]

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