Final 2021 Wednesday DF 95 Winter Series

Dear All,

It was good news today, although it started badly in very gloomy weather with only three competitors initially to set up the inflatable et cetera. However, not only did John Turnbull arrive, but also Richard Lucas from the RSW club, who had been sent the invite by RSW’s secretary Peter Kirby and even Peter himself came to watch and very kindly took the attached photographs of all the competitors and the presentations. Thank you Peter!

There are no photos of the sailing is it really was gloomy and the wind was very light fluky and frustrating. For a change Roger enjoyed these conditions and was a bit lucky to sail BOTTLE boat 2 to the front on more than one occasion. When we stopped for coffee we set up a table and Martin set out what we enjoyed at the Brass Monkey last Saturday, six glasses of mulled wine and […]

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2021 Brass Monkey GAMES event at Abbey Meads

This annual Christmas event was again a great success with 15 starts for both Marblehead and the ‘small boat’ fleet with DF 95s and BOTTLE boats racing together.

A light southerly breeze blowing straight down the lake all day allowed a long windward leeward course, which gave good close racing in both fleets.

In the Marblehead fleet there were five different winners and in the opening race Rob Vice, sailing his modified UP, put down his challenge by winning it, with his son CJ sailing a GRUNGE second. In Race 2 CJ was second again, but this time to Peter Stollery sailing his UP. These two winners then won in alternate races until the pattern was broken by David Cole sailing a GRUNGE, winning Race 6 and then by CJ winning Races 7 & 9, only interrupted by Rob taking Race 8.

The Brass Monkey traditional lunch break included mulled wine and mince […]

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Event 5 of the DF95 Winter Series 1st December

6 competitors arrived for this event in good weather for December and a reasonable breeze from the WNW although it did tend to swirl around quite a bit .

We laid a windward leeward course with a gate at the leeward end.

There was some extremely close racing with no less than 5 different race winners out of the 12 races that we sailed.

However it was Les Thorn that mastered the gusts and changes of wind direction best of all to win the day with a total of 5 wins.

This now puts Les near the top of the leaderboard alongside 4 other skippers who are intending to sail in the last of the series on the 15th December. This promises to be a mouth watering event to see who will be the overall series winner.

All of the competitors are also wanting to sail in the forthcoming Brass Monkey event on the 11th […]

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Event 3 of the DF95 Winter Series 3rd November

Whilst the forecast for most of the day was gloomy, at the start it was a glorious sunny and beautiful day, but the wind…   It was north-westerly and initially very fitful and light. We were operating from the Western bank with a beat and run course using the two blue marks as a windward gate and using the start line as the finish for the eight races sailed.

Our visitor, Barrie Martin from MYSA was again welcomed to join us for our series of races and provide good competition to the local fleet.

In the first race Roger was testing out a newly refurbished BOTTLE boat 82 and it went well in the light stuff with a trim that just followed the instructions provided with the boat. In the first race the fleet had a job to get off the starting line and with the first two boats miles ahead […]

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DF 95 Winter Series – Event 3

Dear DF 95 enthusiasts,
You are welcome again to come and take part in Event 3 of our DF 95 Wednesday Winter Series, to be sailed on our superb lake at Abbey Meads, Chertsey. This Wednesday 3rd November, promises to be a good event as the northerly wind is one of the best directions for racing, as the course is at the leeward end of a kilometre long lake with no interruptions!
Wednesday Winter Series – Event 3. Please forward this to your DF 95 members, who we hope will come, have a bit of fun and enjoy the racing. These events are not just about the racing, but sharing our expertise to help you to get your boat to sail well etc. As usual there will be a prize for the top visiting skipper in the form of the unique ROF (Roger’s One Flag), much appreciated by the event 1 & 2 winners.
Please don’t forget that if you […]
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2021 Teapot Trophy

It was disappointing that the entry was just Roger, Martin and Peter Jackson as this was the first Marblehead club race for such a long time. Initially the continual heavy rain was also disappointing, but the thick clouds cleared away and we even got a bit of sunshine. As usual, the wind was not as forecast and the westerly took some time to take over from the southerly and the high winds never arrived, so we were in A rig all day.

We installed the landing stage on the southern control area and the course was set at an angle towards it. The wind made this awkward at first although it was spot on as soon as the westerly arrived.

We sailed 12 races and the results are attached, with Martin again winning the Teapot Trophy, both on merit and on handicap with seven wins with Peter second and Roger last with […]

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Event 2 of the DF95 Winter Series 20th October

This was another cracking DF95 event at Abbey Meads with strong gusty winds making for some exciting sailing at the top end of A rig. 16 races were sailed and whilst there were no visiting helmsmen it was great to welcome Alan Viney back to racing after such a long break. Competitors were very grateful to Judith Buurman for taking the scores. 

Initially there was hardly a ripple on the water at the windward mark, but that soon changed as the wind increased to power these boats downwind on the limit of their A rig in the strong black gusts. One could feel autumn setting in, so the sun on one’s back was very pleasant. The simple windward leeward course made for some good racing with many very close finishes and spectacular speed off the wind.

In the very first race only the plastic cup of the bow of Roger’s BOTTLE […]

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Event 1 of the DF95 Winter Series 6th October

Event 1 of the Wednesday Winter Series made a good start with half a dozen member entries and Barrie Martin from the MYSA with sunshine and a stiff gusty breeze from the west. A simple windward leeward course was set close to the southern bank of Abbey Meads Lake and the black squalls, probably of 20 mph made it difficult to row back from the start/leeward gate marks. Initially most of the fleet put on their B rigs and in the strongest gusts these were sometimes needed to maintain control and make it easy to tack without stalling. 

However, the wind was very variable in strength as well as in direction, particularly in the centre of the course, so the A rigs dominated the initial results, with 2  unusual wins for Roger’s BOTTLE boat, which always goes very well when over pressed and then a hat-trick of wins by […]

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Wednesday DF95 event on 22nd September

What a fantastic way to start Guildford’s DF 95 autumn series on alternate Wednesdays! Fantastic weather with Abbey Meads looking beautiful in the bright sunshine and clear water revealing stones rather than weeds at the bottom of the steps to the southern control area. There was not a lot of wind to start with, but enough to get the boats sailing and later sailing well in the forecast light west south-west breeze. Racing didn’t start until 11 o’clock because of the lack of wind, but new members Mike Wilkie and John Turnbull were welcomed with plenty of chat about sail setting and the tune of the boats, with Martin Crysell giving a lead whilst Roger Stollery gave some of his wisdom, as well as setting a course to the forecast wind which eventually arrived.
10 races were sailed and such was the wind variation that it allowed everyone sailing to win at least one […]
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