Dear Members,
I can report that last Sunday there was a really good work party at Abbey Meads. The committee agreed to appoint a gardening firm, Marcin Jankowski, to cut the willows on the south bank. Marcin and his crew of 3 worked for 8 hours and cleared the southern bank of both willows and brambles; a fantastic job as you can see from the ‘before & after’ photograph on the Gallery page. It was a really lovely sunny day and enjoyed by everyone.
They also helped me to clear willows on the west bank and also cleared part of that bank of brambles. Charles Wand Tetley came down to help in the afternoon and rescued the marks which had drifted into the trees as the water level had risen. The freshwater mussels had jammed the rope in the pulley and so allowed the buoys to float away. We also pulled the landing stage up the steps and shortened the chains holding it in place.
As we were putting the boat away in the clubhouse, we agreed that something has to be done, as it is in a mess and Charles is keen to help. We need to remove all the contents, throw away the rubbish and clean the place out. He suggested this Friday, 1 November and so this is the date for the next work party, which Martin is okay with also. I have a little unfinished business with my chainsaw on the west bank and hopefully in a couple of hours will be able to clear all of the offending willows that prevent us seeing our boats properly.
The AGM on Friday 15th November is to be held for the last time at Victoria Halls, this is because the committee has agreed not to hire this hall next year. There will be more discussion about the alternatives at the AGM, so please come along and make your contribution not only to this, but to whole question of GMYC sustainability.
Last year, we made a nomination for the MYA’s SYAN award for Derek Barratt last year for his amazing contribution as M&S District councillor opening up proper communication between clubs in what is in fact the MYA. This is in contrast to the MYA Council’s lack of communication. He missed out on the award last year, but I believe his contribution should still be recognised by a nomination for this award, which is for special contribution to the MYA. So attached is his nomination. We will need to send this nomination to the MYA secretary by the date of our AGM so perhaps we can discuss this then.
Finally, and not reported before, Peter Stollery and Rob Vice sailed in the IOM ranking event at Manor Park a couple of weeks ago, both practising for the coming IOM World Championship being held in Brazil. Peter was 3rd on the first day and one the 2nd day with Rob in 6th place out of 47 competitors. We wish them all the very best of luck when they travel out to Brazil in 2 week’s time.
Cheers, Roger