Work Party Report & Photos 1st July 2020

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Work party Abbey Meads 1st July 2020

Charles Wand Tetley and I went to the lake to check on the things that are vulnerable to vandals etc. In particular Charles’s photo of the southern landing stage 4 foot out of water taken some weeks ago looked potentially dangerous. Our objective was to make it safe or rather safer, as well as to find the missing western landing stage. The other objective was work to make the clubhouse easier to use and remove rubbish etc.

Whilst Charles was rowing around the lake anticlockwise and finding the missing landing stage only 50 metres north of its usual location, I was removing projecting screws and timber bits etc that were dangerous and setting the southern landing stage free on its chain. As shown in the gallery, the corners have been irreparably damaged by the vandals racking the posts and before […]

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Fred Shepherd Obituary and some Related Guildford History Notes

Dear Members,

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Fred Shepherd died last weekend. Many of you would have heard his name mentioned, but not actually met him. He was Guildford’s most successful Marblehead sailor in the late 60s and early 70s and a great character. I have tried to catch that in this obituary and included photos of all the boats that he designed and built. Over the last 15 years he has concentrated on turning wood on his lathe as he could do this relatively easily after a cycle accident limited his hand skills. He turned out some lovely trophies, which are illustrated. His trophy plinths make the most meagre little bits of silverware, turn into really nice trophies.

I hope that you are all doing okay in this lockdown period and staying safe.

Cheers, Roger

Fred Shepherd 1931-2020

After a short spell in hospital, Fred died on March 28 from natural causes aged 88. He was […]

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MERMAID Trophy & GAMES 4 – 14 March 2020

Report by Roger Stollery

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A marvellous day’s racing, as part of the GAMES series for Marbleheads, saw 12 highly competitive races completed with 17 entries from 8 clubs sailing in ‘A’ rig light winds on Guildford MYC’s Abbey Meads Lake. 

Unfortunately the coronavirus had affected the contacts of 3 of the competitors, who pulled out at the last minute.

The forecast SW wind direction didn’t materialise, which caused a bit of delay while the race team reorganised the course and the control area on the west bank, where the wind was blowing in an ideal direction parallel to that control area. RO Roger Stollery set a 900 metre long windward leeward course, which consisted of 3 beats and 2 offwind legs.

In Race 1, Martin Crysell sailing UP 117 got the best start and streaked away from the rest of the fleet, only to be overtaken on […]

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GAMES 3 & Met & Southern District Marblehead Interclub

Report by Richard Lord

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13 boats entered for this prestigious event at 3 Rivers Radio Yachting Club, Bury Lake, Rickmansworth and were greeted by bright sunshine and a moderate 14 – 18 mph SW wind with occasional and brief stronger squalls, forecast as twice this. Regrettably 2 competitors broke their boats and took early baths, leaving 11 to compete over 16 races.

The SW wind direction gave a good long windward course with a spreader mark and a gate at the leeward marks, which gave some really good racing over two laps. Much discussion was undertaken amongst the sailors as to which rig to use, and several rig changes throughout the day by a number of them – and they still did not really know who got it right at the end of the day! These stronger winds resulted in several boat failures and […]

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ICICLE Trophy 15 February 2020

See Gallery for Photos: 

Report 2020-02-15 by Roger

There were only 4 of us, but we had an absolutely fabulous days sailing in south south-westerly winds that were forecast from 25 to 48 mph. When winds are so often light you dream about such days! We sailed 12 races and seeing our Marbleheads going so fast was a real delight.

In reality the winds on the water were probably 12 to 24 mph and needed C2 rigs to be comfortable in the gusts. Peter Dunne only had a C1 rig and struggled occasionally and had to be rescued a couple of times and didn’t sail the last 5 races as this might have endangered his rig. Instead, he kindly acted as starter and scorer.

As the severe storm ‘Dennis’ produced these winds it is likely that you don’t need anything smaller than C2 at Abbey Meads, although Martin did try C3 at the […]

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Guildford Model Yacht Club will be sailing a new class in 2020 the DF95

In the summer months on alternate Wednesday mornings, we are initiating a series of events for the DF 95 class. These events between 10AM and 2PM start on 8 April. The invitation to come and sail to enjoy our fantastic lake at Abbey Meads, Chertsey is open to everyone, so you would be most welcome to come and join us at these events. Currently members are building up a fleet of DF 95s to complement our racing of Marbleheads on Saturdays.

Our lake is a large open sailing water, which is ideal for radio racing. We may not have a clubhouse with facilities, but we do offer fantastic sailing from raised bank control areas with great visibility round permanently laid marks. Two launching platforms allow us to set good courses relating to any wind direction. You can drive onto both control areas and operate out of the back of the car. […]

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FRED’S BIG TOEPHY Sunday 2nd February, at Guildford Model Yacht Club.

Photos in Gallery

10 entries from 5 clubs sailed 15 races on a blustery day at Abbey Meads lake, Chertsey. Race Officer Martin Crysell set a simple windward leeward course for the WSW wind and operated from the southern control area. There were some very strong gusts and initially these Footys were in their smallest, but one rigs.

The conditions favoured Peter Shepherd’s FAT BOY design and although pressed by Peter Jackson’s IBEX and Roger Stollery’s ICE at times, he won the first 5 races. This run of wins would have continued except that he lost Race 6 to Roger. During the afternoon the wind became much lighter with big calm patches in the centre of the course and bigger rigs came out of the sail bags. This made a big difference to young Oliver and Nathan Stollery, who won Races 13 and 14 respectively. Not to be outdone, Peter Shepherd […]

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GAMES 1 Report Chipstead SC, Radio Sailing – 25 January 2020

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Guildford formed nearly half of the entry of 12 from 5 clubs to race in light variable winds blowing diagonally across the lake towards the control area. Gaps in the trees on the opposite bank of the lake bent the wind and kept competitors on their toes to take advantage of the sometimes big changes. 

During the briefing Race Officer, David Allinson presented Oliver with the 2019 GAMES prize for junior and also the second ‘Best Improver ’.

We sailed 15 races with the Guildford team winning 9 with Colin Goodman winning 5 and Dave Andrews 1. Roger started well with a win had some fine duels with Colin Goodman. Martin Crysell also won Race 6.  Peter S was initially looking after Oliver, who was struggling to get the best out of his UPROAR. There was a really good lunch of chili provided by Chipstead radio […]

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COBWEB TROPHY 2020-01-11

Cobweb Results

See Gallery for Photos

There was a good turnout for the first race of the season and there was a varying and at times very fresh breeze from the south south-west. We welcomed Peter Jackson, who has been to our club events a couple of times last year and now has joined us.

Before we put our boats in the water we had a big problem as the launching platform on the west bank was adrift as ‘the tide’ had come up about a metre with the recent rain. 

Our cunning plan to prevent the vandals doing this by chaining the platform to the strings of the steps backfired as all of the fixings were underwater! 

However with sterling efforts by all 7 competitors, the platform was brought back to the bottom of the steps hauled to the top, had a new post […]

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