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Roger’s Report on MYA AGM & Tradeshow

The tradeshow on the top floor of Datchet Water Sailing Club was very good with the usual traders selling a huge variety model yachting equipment and including a stand for the DF boats, which looked very impressive. I took along my UP and rigged it in B rig, set up a whole Footy stand with two ICE and a SUPABUG with drawings and even cutout hull panels. An interested grandad did take them away!

Of greatest interest was the 1976 BLOODAXE hull, still in 2 parts just as it came out of the moulds. This was en route to Peter Hopkins in Bournville. I took some photos and these are attached on the pic page. BLOODAXE was one of the the top Marblehead in that era and the hull shells weighed 38 ounces as it was quite a big surface area compared with the UP weight of just 14 ounces!

There was […]

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GAMES 12 Stan Cleal Trophy Marblehead at 3 Rivers Radio Yacht Club 17/11/2019

GAMES 12 Results

This Marblehead open event is the penultimate event of the GAMES series and attracted 10 entries from 3 clubs. Upon arrival there appeared to be no wind at all and when a boat was launched it took what seemed like forever to get to the nearest mark and back. Race Officer Peter Popham delayed the start of racing by half an hour, by which time there was the faintest of air movement in varying directions. The RO set a short triangular course to take into account this variation and set two laps. Those who had practised and had got their sail settings to work gradually pulled away in Race 1 from the rest to such an extent that Roger Stollery’s UP, Phil Holliday’s GRUNGE and Martin Crysell’s PRIME NUMBER had lapped several backmarkers before finishing!

Weed affected Phil in the next, to let Roger win […]

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GAMES 11 – 2019 BROADLAND TROPHY & Eastern District Marblehead Championship

GAMES 11 Results

18 races were sailed on the Little Broad at Filby, hosted by The Broads Model Yacht Club.

Racing started in a very light wind from the North, which is the most favourable direction at Filby, but veered towards the east in the afternoon.  There were 3 different race winners, during the day, but Colin Goodman (Grunge), Duncan Ellis (Grunge) and Vinnie Zammit (Starkers Cubed) gradually established a lead over the remainder of the fleet.

In the end Colin’s consistency won the day, after some very close and competitive racing. Colin has now established a big lead in the GAMES series, but the other podium positions and improver’s prize are still to sail for in the remaining 2 events at 3 Rivers and Guildford Model Yacht Clubs.


1st Colin Goodman Chelmsford GRUNGE 18.5

2nd Duncan Ellis Norwich GRUNGE 28

3rd Vinnie Zammit Norwich STARKERS CUBED 37

4th Ian Self Norwich STARKERS […]

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Work Party of two Roger & Martin 1st November 2019

Report of Roger & Martins two man band work party, well done chaps!
It was a very gloomy day with drizzle, but that didn’t stop Martin and I taking out more of the willows and removing the last obstructions to the visibility of the north-south course, in a 2 1/2 hour session on Friday morning. Comparing the ‘before and after’ photographs(see Gallery Tab), it doesn’t look as if we have done much and it certainly doesn’t look like the fantastic job that Marcin and his crew made of the bank closer to landing stage last Sunday, where all the brambles have been removed. It is the density of the brambles and the very steep bank that are a real problem, because it is difficult to get close to the willows themselves and even when you cut them they don’t just fall into the water as they are held upright by many threads […]
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Work Party 27th October 2019

Dear Members,
I can report that last Sunday there was a really good work party at Abbey Meads. The committee agreed to appoint a gardening firm, Marcin Jankowski, to cut the willows on the south bank. Marcin and his crew of 3 worked for 8 hours and cleared the southern bank of both willows and brambles; a fantastic job as you can see from the ‘before & after’ photograph on the Gallery page. It was a really lovely sunny day and enjoyed by everyone.
They also helped me to clear willows on the west bank and also cleared part of that bank of brambles. Charles Wand Tetley came down to help in the afternoon and rescued the marks which had drifted into the trees as the water level had risen. The freshwater mussels had jammed the rope in the pulley and so allowed the buoys to float away. We also pulled the […]
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Teapot Trophy 12th October 2019

Link to Photo Gallery

The forecast weather wasn’t good, but a light southerly breeze was going to make for good racing from the west bank. Peter Jackson, our friend from Northampton was first to arrive and together with Charles Wand Tetley we got set up and made good the sideways movement of the landing stage, courtesy of the Abbey Meads lake vandals!! From the bank the weed situation didn’t seem too bad, but it was the rain that was again the feature of the day. It rained continuously until we finished at about 2 o’clock.

The wind was southerly, light and patchy with the odd gusts either more south-easterly or south-westerly to keep one concentrating on getting speed out of this light air. All 5 of us got weed at some point or other, but this evened out and we had some good racing, very close at times and we all […]

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Marblehead Ranking Weekend at Fleetwood 28/29 September 2019

For Event Phots see Gallery

The forecast for this weekend was for gale force winds from the west, which blows straight down the lake at Fleetwood. Attached is a photo taken in 2004 when the wind was blowing 28 miles an hour and when we definitely had to be in our smallest rigs! 

Peter and I prepared for this event, firstly by getting a full length 700 mm draft Hollom designed fin made by David Winder, 40 mm deeper than our usual fins. Peter received this on Tuesday and had it fitted to his boat the following evening. This gave his boat UPFRONT more power, which he said made a significant improvement to the heavy weather performance without affecting the light weather end too much. I modified the 1992 very small ROAR EDGE rig, only 780 mm luff length, to comply with the 2016 class rule requiring a minimum of […]

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Ted Gearey Trophy Club Event with the Bart’s Bash – Biggest Little Boat Bash Report

This was event was to be run in the morning as a conventional club race except that we would record the times of each Marblehead at the finishing line. This was in order to take part in the charity event, Bart’s Bash; Biggest Little Boat Bash set up especially for radio sailing by Shaun Priestley, who works for the Andrew Simpson Foundation who are promoting this event.   This foundation is for the encouragement of young people to go sailing.

When we arrived at Abbey Meads we were in no hurry because there was no wind. So we made good the damage caused by vandals to the launching platform on the west bank, which we had prepared for following photo kindly taken by John Townsend last Wednesday.

With an easterly forecast we launched our dinghy from the southern launching platform and there was a little bit of wind, but you could barely feel it. […]

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BOTTLE boat Championships – Waldringfield 11 August

Dear BOTTLE boat enthusiasts,
The Championship was held on 11 August, whilst I was on holiday in Waldringfield and unfortunately as I had no computer there this report is rather delayed. I would like to thank Commodore Ian Videlo who borrowed my SD card and some of the photographs were on the Waldringfield Sailing Club Facebook page the day after the event. I would also like to thank Adrian Price who not only did the grand job as rescue boat in his inflatable kayak, but put a camera on the bow and produced a short film, which gives a very good flavour of the action on the water. The link to this is The report is already on the Yachts and Yachting ‘clubs and classes’ website under ‘model yachts’ and will appear in the Model Boats magazine in due course.
The next event for BOTTLE boats […]
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GAMES 9 Marblehead interclub at RADIO SAILING WOKING in Goldsworth Lake.

Short Report by Roger Stollery based on a report by RO Peter Kirby

Link to GAMES Results Page

Sunday 28th July dawned with a cloudless sky, comfortable temperature and best of all, a variable south-westerly breeze for the duration of the first Interclub GAMES event that RSW had organized.

The wind allowed a 200 metre windward/leeward course to be set along the centre of the lake.

Eight Marbleheads sailed 17 races in one fleet in a 3-10 mph breeze with gusts of 15 mph. There was close company in the beats to the windward and spreader marks, followed by runs accelerating into occasional exciting planing speeds to the leeward gate.

The racing die was cast from Race 1 onwards in that Colin Goodman (Grunge) in the majority of cases took the lead from the windward mark , thereafter to rocket down wind with others, notably Dave Andrews (Grunge),Roger Stollery (Up) and Martin Crysell (Prime […]

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