In the summer months on alternate Wednesday mornings, we are initiating a series of events for the DF 95 class. These events between 10AM and 2PM start on 8 April. The invitation to come and sail to enjoy our fantastic lake at Abbey Meads, Chertsey is open to everyone, so you would be most welcome to come and join us at these events. Currently members are building up a fleet of DF 95s to complement our racing of Marbleheads on Saturdays.

Our lake is a large open sailing water, which is ideal for radio racing. We may not have a clubhouse with facilities, but we do offer fantastic sailing from raised bank control areas with great visibility round permanently laid marks. Two launching platforms allow us to set good courses relating to any wind direction. You can drive onto both control areas and operate out of the back of the car. We have no depth or weed problems in the summer. More information is available on our website or contact Roger Stollery on 01483 421801 for access details.

DF 95s sailing with BOTTLE boats at a Wow! event in 2019