For the 3rd time running the WoW! event received no support from local M&S clubs, which is very disappointing particularly today, Wednesday 17th July when there was a nice steady southerly breeze giving the best conditions of all the WoW! event’s. However, well known Footy designer/builder did drive all the way from Northampton and brought his brand-new Marblehead UP, which he had moulded in my UP moulds. He has made an absolutely fantastic job of it and the hull moulding looked really good with a twill carbon pattern. We set up on the west bank and had some really good sailing, which was most enjoyable. After sorting out his trim tensions, Peter’s UPSHOT was going just as well as my UP as can be seen from the attached photos.
As expected the vandals had pulled up the large Danforth anchor, but had not moved the landing stage which is very encouraging in view of the six-week and attended period when you’re not using the lake. The southern landing stage also looked OK, so the chains appear to be a deterrent. Another good thing was that only one small piece of weed was picked up in our 90 minute sailing session. This bodes well for 14 September when we hope to run the Ted Gearey club race as a Bart’s Bash fundraising event. Details of this will follow shortly, but you will find some general information on the MYA website. In addition to running Marbleheads is to be hoped that we can also run the Footy Internet Course in the afternoon and make some connection with Footys worldwide, because this Footy course is the most ideal for comparison of performance because of this unique and accurate 50 foot beat and run course, which is ideal for timed comparisons.
Did anyone see the moon last night? I was quite surprised that in our area of over-lit suburbia, I was able to see part of the eclipse and take the attached photo from the top of my drive.