Dear All,

It was good news today, although it started badly in very gloomy weather with only three competitors initially to set up the inflatable et cetera. However, not only did John Turnbull arrive, but also Richard Lucas from the RSW club, who had been sent the invite by RSW’s secretary Peter Kirby and even Peter himself came to watch and very kindly took the attached photographs of all the competitors and the presentations. Thank you Peter!

There are no photos of the sailing is it really was gloomy and the wind was very light fluky and frustrating. For a change Roger enjoyed these conditions and was a bit lucky to sail BOTTLE boat 2 to the front on more than one occasion. When we stopped for coffee we set up a table and Martin set out what we enjoyed at the Brass Monkey last Saturday, six glasses of mulled wine and mince pies and of course a bit more chat!

As usual the windward leeward course from the south bank with two beats and a run down to the gate was not exactly exciting sailing, but kept everyone on their toes and there were some very close finishes in some of the races. As the wind started to die close to the end of our sailing time we packed up early, repacked the tent, which had been drying in the clubhouse and locked up for the year.

Attached are Alan’s spreadsheet with the race results for WWS 6 and also ‘the series’ scores, which you can see benefited those who attended most and Roger in particular who was presented with the superb┬áthe copper sailed trophy, presented at the end of each series to the winner of the series. You will see the name on the bow of the boat that it came from Paris and maybe created by the famous sculptor or trophy maker. Looking at the series results is good to see that we attracted 10 competitors during the series and we all hope that this number can be increased when we run the three series on the same basis in Spring, Summer & Winter in 2022.

A very happy Christmas and New Year to you all, Roger