Report of Roger & Martins two man band work party, well done chaps!
It was a very gloomy day with drizzle, but that didn’t stop Martin and I taking out more of the willows and removing the last obstructions to the visibility of the north-south course, in a 2 1/2 hour session on Friday morning. Comparing the ‘before and after’ photographs(see Gallery Tab), it doesn’t look as if we have done much and it certainly doesn’t look like the fantastic job that Marcin and his crew made of the bank closer to landing stage last Sunday, where all the brambles have been removed. It is the density of the brambles and the very steep bank that are a real problem, because it is difficult to get close to the willows themselves and even when you cut them they don’t just fall into the water as they areĀ held upright by many threads of bramble!
Cheers, Roger