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Brief GAMES Report for 2019
This year it has been particularly successful with the Midland District, as well as the Eastern District, taking part and giving the opportunity for another 29 Marblehead sailors to take part compared with last year. The total figure is 66 which is 50% more than the Marblehead sailors who took part in ranking events this year. The entry to the BRASS MONKEY by the enthusiastic guys from Cotswold was particularly encouraging as they are thinking of running an open Marblehead event next year at their new lake. They may well be willing to run another open in 2021 as a GAMES event, which spreads the events to 4 districts, which would be very good news.
At the finale GAMES 13 on Sunday 14th December Colin Goodman was presented with the MIDGLEY Memorial MUG for winning the 2019 GAMES with a perfect score of 500 points and having to discard 100 points in his 6th event! There were very few ‘improvers’ as most of the returning sailors got lower place positions than in 2018. However, Michael Howard from the Broads club won the Improvers Prize finishing 8 places above last year in 25th place and the only other improver was Oliver Stollery who finished 3 places above last year in 32nd place; sadly he was the only junior competing, but nevertheless eligible for the Junior prize. However mention must be made of Peter Dunne who was last year’s improver and this year didn’t go either up or down, but maintained his 16th place!
2020 has another 10 GAMES events and will no doubt encourage more ordinary club members to go to Marblehead open meetings. These are listed on the Guildford Model Yacht Club website and will be also listed in the MYA YEARBOOK when it comes out in January hopefully in advance of the GAMES 1 event at Chipstead.


Midgley Memorial Mug

Midgley Memorial Mug

Guildford Administered Marblehead Event Series

An annual series of OPEN events for Marbleheads

This series is intended to encourage the club skipper to get more fun from these fantastic racing boats by racing at open, interclub and district events.  GAMES is a series of Marblehead club open, interclub, or district events on the MYA calendar that take place in the M&S and Eastern Districts. GAMES events are open to all MYA members.

GAMES procedure for participating clubs

The RRS and MYA SSIs already governing these events already in the MYA Yearbook are not changed by participation in GAMES. Clubs should run them as any other open or interclub event independently from any GMYC input, which is only to set up the series and record and publish the results of your event. However it is expected that the MYA SSIs are followed. The GAMES procedures below may help to make your event and the series more successful.  Over the last 6 years GAMES has introduced many new skippers to the excitement of racing these fantastic boats. With your help the 2018 GAMES will be even more fun!

BEFORE THE EVENT                                                                             

Publicity – Please make sure that a Notice of Race is published on the Marblehead, MYA, District and club websites about a month or so before the event. The NoR needs to state the closing date for entries, to whom the entries are to be sent, racing times and any other information you wish to give about racing at your club etc. Please describe the event as part of the GAMES series and describe the event with the title of your trophy first, if there is one. As well as this indirect publicity on websites, a direct contact by e-mail with local clubs and Marblehead sailors, can often help as a reminder. Help with distribution may be made by direct contract through your local District Racing Officer, Marblehead Class Captain or from GMYC Secretary.  Also if you can, publicise these events at your lake in the local press, local radio stations etc. When recording the entries please make a note of any juniors under the age of 18.

AT THE EVENT                                                                                  

Recording the event  – As it is very important to publicise our sport and the Marblehead class in particular, please make sure that someone in the club takes photographs. Around the starting line is a good place to get as many boats in the frame as possible to catch the excitement of the event.  Give someone this task, as well as some note-taking about the important or amusing incidents at the event.


Please send the full results to GMYC’s Roger Stollery  as soon as possible after the event, together with a brief report and copy it to John Smith  for recording on the MYA Radio League via ACERSAIL. Please include the MYA numbers and clubs of all the competitors and all those who are running the event on the race team, as they get GAMES points as well.

For publicity purposes it is always a good idea also to make a written report, however short. This should be sent as soon as possible after the event to the Marblehead, District and MYA websites via the Marblehead Class Captain, Rob Vice at together with any good photographs. Ideally it should go to the magazines, Yachts and Yachting (Mark Jardine at ) and Model Boats (Graham Ashby at

GAMES rules 2018

Event results

Juniors (under 18 as defined by MYA junior membership) and all race committee members (i.e. those helping to run the event on the day) shall be identified on the event results sheet, which should include competitors’ club and MYA number; this to be sent to Roger Stollery at and others noted on the GAMES procedures.

GAMES scores

These will be calculated from the event results sheet by the GMYC. The winner will score 100 points and the scoring interval will be 100 divided by the number of entrants, i.e. the number of boats that go on the water to race.

For example, if there were 20 boats entered the intervals would be 100/20 i.e. 5; so 95 for second, 90 for third etc and 5 for last place. In the unlikely scenario that there were only two boats, their scores would be 100 points and 50 points respectively. If there were 13 boats, the interval would be100/13 i.e. 7.7; so 92.3 for second, 84.6 for third etc and 7.7 for last.

Race committee members score their average GAMES points in the series when serving on the race committee. However if a race committee member serves in more than one event, the average GAMES points in the series will apply to no more than 2 events.

GAMES results

These will be published after each event on the GMYC, M&S and Marblehead class websites and included in the ACERSAIL data, contributing to your MYA Radio League scores. The number of events to count for the series will be half the number of events in the series +1, i.e. 5 events out 9 planned for 2018, subject to all of the events being sailed. If a number of events are not sailed, number of events to count will remain half the number of events sailed +1. Where there is an odd number of events sailed, half the number of events + ½ applies.   Any ties shall be broken using MYA SSI 8.03 applied to the GAMES scores.


*  The Midgley Memorial Mug trophy for the series winner, (a perpetual trophy to be returned to GMYC for engraving prior to the final event).

Improver’s Prize for the best improved place in the series compared to the previous year’s performance for competitors outside the top 10 in the year or in previous years.

Junior Prize.  These prizes will be provided by Guildford Model Yacht Club.

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